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* Navigate to Nurax homepage ( and click the “Share Your Work” button in the middle of the page * Log in, direct to dashboard: Works * Select “Add new work” button * Select ""Generic work"" and click the ""Create work"" button * ""Add New Generic Work"" metadata form page is displayed * Click the ""Relationships"" tab and make sure ""Default Admin Set"" is selected. * Select the ""Descriptions"" tab, enter metadata for “required” fields * The “Describe your work” icon at the top right is now a green check. * Add another keyword. * Click “Additional Fields” button * Type in text for the abstract. * Click the “Files” tab * Select “Add Files” button and select at least two files * File name and size appear for each file * Select Visibility - Private * Change ""Visibility"" to ""Embargo"", Restrict to “Private” until a future date of your choosing (dd/mm/yyyy format) then open to “public”. * Try to submit without checking deposit, get error. * Check Deposit agreement box. The ""Check deposit agreement"" icon at the top right is now a green check. * Click the ""Save"" button

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